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Do you have a business problem which requires immediate attention or are you considering making changes but need a helping hand?  We can offer a low cost solution to many of your business requirements, including a no cost initial consultation. 

As an independent IT service consultancy business, BIS Dynamics has the resources and specialised abilities to provide a wide range of IT services. Channelling all your IT related issues through us is time saving, cost saving, practical and efficient. We will provide the service ourselves or work with external partners to resolve your requirements. 



Our Services

  • Business Information Systems Reviews
  • Preparation of Business Plans
  • Computer System Upgrades
  • Computer Network Upgrades
  • Project Management
  • ERP Systems (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • CRM Systems (Customer Relationship Management)
  • EPOS Systems (Electronic Point of Sale)
  • Database Systems
  • Staff ICT Training 
  • Problem Resolution
  • Discreet Operational Investigations 





Paul Alton               

Message from our Senior Analyst:


"The aim of BIS Dynamics is to provide owners and managers of SMEs with an opportunity to improve the performance and profitability of their businesses with only a minimal, but realistic investment.  BIS Dynamics wants to help your business succeed and will work with you to create a winning solution."


Paul Alton






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